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40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich

Lisa E. Dahill, editor
109 Pages
Augsburg Books


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 Dahill to Teach CDSP Summer Course, Friday, April 10, 2009
By Elizabeth Drescher, PhD

The Rev. Dr. Lisa Dahill, a spirituality scholar, teacher, and spiritual director thinks that many people have come to the conclusion that liturgical worship has nothing to do with the “real” spirituality of daily life. “Many Christians, even lifelong worshippers, struggle at times to engage more deeply with the mystery we celebrate each Lord’s day,” she says. “We may wonder if there is more to faith than we are experiencing. Some even leave their congregations or denominations, or the Christian church entirely, convinced that these inherited rituals are a far cry from ‘real’ spirituality which by definition must be found elsewhere.” But Professor Dahill suggests that there are other ways to inhabit our traditions that draw a deeper level of spiritual experience from Sunday worship and allow us to carry that richness into the rest of the week. Drawing from her book Truly Present: Practicing Prayer in the Liturgy, Dahill will offer a weeklong course in CALL’s Summer Program that invites participants to open up the worship experience into more meaningful, living spiritual engagement in daily life. Dahill’s course, Living Worship: Practicing Prayer in Liturgy and Life, will be held July 13-17 at CDSP’s Easton Hall Conference Center. Professor Dahill will also be discussion her recent book "A Forty Day Journey with Julian of Norwich" in a special evening session. For more information and registration, visit CALL online at http://cdsp.edu/center_summer.php.

 Julian's Journey Journal, Sunday, March 1, 2009
By Nancy Ewart

Very well put-together useful suggestions for thinking theology. I also have Dame Julian's Revelations of Divine Love for which this "journey" approach is acting as an introduction. I'm not rushing it, however. It sometimes takes me several days to accomplish one meditation so it may take me 80 days. It could be done in 40 days tho.

 40-Day Journey with Julian of Norwich, Saturday, January 17, 2009
By Maria Watson

Service was fine. Can't review book although it looks very interesting. Saving it for my Lenten reading.

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