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A Lector’s Guide & Commentary to the RCL: Year B

A Lector’s Guide & Commentary to the RCL: Year B

Year B
ISBN: 9780983989905
0 pages
Binding: Paperback


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A Lector’s Guide and Commentary assists those whose calling, responsibility, and privilege it is to proclaim the Word of God through the public reading of Holy Scripture. It provides a brief, reliable commentary for each lectionary reading, and then offers suggestions for how the text can be delivered, so that the biblical Story might have its full impact on the Christian community gathered for worship. Pronunciations for unfamiliar words and names are also included.

This volume includes Notes, Commentary, Suggestions for Lectors, and Pronunciation Guide (where needed) for each Lesson in Year B of the Revised Common Lectionary. It does not include the text of the lessons. For that you need a different book, perhaps a Bible, or the book suggested below.

The Guide is for use by any congregation or tradition that follows the Revised Common Lectionary, and even includes the adaptations authorized for use in The Episcopal Church.

Although designed first and foremost for lectors and lay readers, the Guide has also been written with other groups and uses in mind. For example, it can be used to trigger discussions in a Sunday school class or small group Bible study, or to serve as a resource for personal study, reflection, and devotion. It can also assist lay Eucharistic ministers when delivering the Word and Sacrament to the homebound and hospitalized, and even function as a first stop for preachers and teachers.

This volume is bound with a lay flat Otabind binding with a long lasting Kivar cover. The book measures 6 inches wide by 9 inches tall

New Release: July 2011

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Average Customer Review
 8 reviews

Terrific Book

This book is incredible. It helps you understand the passage you are reading as well as helping you with pronunciation and how to read it. I have to say... the best customer service too. I received a personal email regarding my order and a hand written note with the package.

By: Sue - Ohio

It has helped me to improve

As a lector, this book has helped me to improve my understanding as to how the scripture readings should be delivered. Both the commentary and suggestions for the lector's is a great plus for an effective delivery!

By: Raymond - Honolulu, HI


Invaluable!! excellent.

By: Susan - Casper Wyoming

An absolute "must have" for Lectors and Lay Eucharist Ministers.

This is an absolute "must have" for Lectors and Lay Eucharist Ministers. It's also an excellent resource for individual and/or group Bible study. I highly recommend the purchase of all three volumes!

By: Colleen - Columbia, SC

Another winner

I'm so glad the Friends of Year B made this possible (read the intro to the book to know what that means). Even though I've been an active lector for more years than I'd care to admit, I've learned a lot from this series and recommend it highly to new readers and experienced ones alike.

By: Marylee - Goldsboro, NC

A Lector's Guide & Commentary

I could, but wouldn't want to, do without this guide. It interprets, gives helpful hints for voice usage, and gives peace of mind. When text is understood, I lose myself in the reading and want only to share verbally and with eye contact what I have learned. Could hardly wait for Year B! Many thanks/Bette

By: Bette - Nashville, TN

A "must have" for clergy and lectors.

My full review of the Lector's Guide & Commentary for Year A is here: http://www.episcopalbookstore.com/product.aspx?productid=5447 The same goes for this one! A "must have" for clergy and lectors.

By: Anjel+ - Myersville, MD

3rd lector's g&c

this completes my set... was so glad to recieve this 3rd year

By: chris - louisiana

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