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The New Revised Standard Version translation of Holy Scripture is the usual Bible translation for the Episcopal Church. There are a few readings from the Apocrypha that are used during the Sunday Eucharist service, therefore most of our bible offerings are in the NRSV and include the Apocrypha.


Study bibles contain the same NRSV text. In addition they include introductions to each of the books of the Bible, extensive footnotes, several maps, and often charts, perhaps a brief concordance too. Study bibles made by Oxford University Press use the term “Annotated” to indicate them.


Children’s bibles do not include the whole text of Holy Scripture. The major bible stories are retold in simpler language that are appropriate for the different reading levels of children. We look for, and offer to you, children’s bibles that include images of happy and multiracial people.                                                                                                                                             –By John

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