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Episcopal Church Service Cross with chain

Pendant cross
ISBN: P-07
0 pages
Pewter and stainless


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This traditional service cross comes on a 24 inch chain of stainless steel which closes with a spring ring clasp. The cross is slightly larger than a US quarter at 1 inch diameter.

The face of the pendant reads:  “Christ Died ( horizontally) For You (vertically).  The back is inscribed;  “Episcopal Church Service Cross”. The sturdy chain is strong enough to support both the service cross and dog tags.

This cross is often paired with A Prayer Book for the Armed Services.

From the Archives of the Episcopal Church about this cross:
The Church War Cross was designed under the direction of Mrs. James De Wolf Perry (wife of the former Presiding Bishop and Bishop of Rhode Island) during World War I for the Army and Navy Commission of the Church. Each Episcopalian entering the Armed Forces was presented with one and the same cross was used during World War II.  The Episcopal Church Service Cross carries the design of the ancient Crusader's Cross, the five-fold cross symbolic of the five wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ at his crucifixion. The words embossed upon it are taken from the Service of Holy Communion: Take and eat this in remembrance that Christ died for thee and feed on him in thy heart by faith with thanksgiving. 

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Episcopal Church Service Cross

Episcopal Church Service Cross

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 13 reviews

Episcopal Service Cross

My husband was a Methodist when we first married but soon was attending Episcopal services with me. Before he went to Vietnam the first time, 1970, he told me he wanted to become an Episcopalian. We were in Pittsburgh with my family and he would be leaving for Vietnam Nam from there. My mother called Trinity Cathedral and asked if this was possible with only a few days before his departure and they quickly made the arrangements. The Canon of the church confirmed him and gave him the Episcopal Service Cross. He put it on then and never took it off. Years later we were stationed in Italy. He had always said that he wished the cross was in gold. I took it to gold smith and he made a mold of the cross and then he made a gold cross. It is beautiful! Again my husband never took it off. On October 3, 2013 he passed away. He told me that he wanted it to go to our oldest grandchild. Emilia was confirmed April 6, 2014. I gave her the cross that she had played with as a small child around her Grandaddy's neck. I don't think we could have given her anything that she values more. If you only knew where that cross has been you would be amazed.

By: Miriam - Wilmington, NC

They used to be free

These crosses are great to hand out, especially as we recognize service members. It used to be that I could get five (just the pewter medallion) at a time at no cost from the then named Bishop of the Armed Forces office. Then they were clearly identified as the Crusader's Cross and had a small note with its history. The PC world renamed it and started charging for it. I handed out well over 100 just in Montana....WWII, Korea, Viet Nam and the Gulf/Southwest Asia and to mothers and dads who sent them to their serving children.

By: Fr Mike - Snohomish, WA

Episcopal Church Service Cross with chain

I bought this for my husband for a Christmas gift. It is very nice and it came within a few days after I ordered it.

By: Anita - Dunnsville, VA

Episcopal Church Cross

I bought two, one for myself and one for my wife. The Episcopal Church Cross is pewter and the chain is stainless steel. This is a beautiful round cross that says, "for Christ died for you." As an Episcopalian You will be proud to wear this cross.

By: George - Titusville, Florida

A replacement

I bought this for my daughter. I have one that my father was given when he went into the service. I can't find mine right now and when I saw this on line I thought it looked close enough to dad's that while it wouldn't replace his it would be her's sort of from him. It turns out this is perfect! The front is the same the back is a little different and it has the same "feel" to it. It has brought her much comfort. As I said it is perfect as is the personal service!

By: Kathy - Providence , RI

Beautiful Cross with military history

This cross is an important part of Episcopal History and the present. It is a beautiful design.

By: Paul - Belmont , MA

Nice, but not silver

Beautiful, but it's not bright silver as the picture shows. See the picture of the Episcopal Church Service Cross without the chain to get a realistic idea of what is looks like.

By: John - Norman, OK


This is an excellent piece. It came exactly as advertised and is perfect!

By: Floyd - Spartanburg, S.C.

Episcopal Church Service Cross

I ordered 3, not fully realizing what they were for. Upon doing internet research I came to learn that they are primarily for Episcopal (or other) Service Men and Women. I thought they were for folks who serve as lay people in the Church and gave them in that spirit. I wish they came with a flier/card about their history/purpose.

By: Malcolm - Valencia, CA

Service Cross with chain

Nice enough that I was proud to give it as a gift, and the recipient thought it was beautiful. Has a good sturdy chain. Great buy without being expensive.

By: Brenda - Salisbury, NC

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