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St. Patrick’s Prayer Bangle Möbius Strip Bracelet

Publisher: DVB
Sterling Silver


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What a unique bracelet!

The Möbius strip is a never-ending, one-sided shape. It has just one side and one edge. It has the mathematical property of being non-orientable.

This specific bracelet has the Saint Patrick Breastplate Prayer engraved in deep relief around it on the one side that becomes the opposite side and then returns to the starting point. “I bind myself today: GOD’S power to guide me GOD’S might to uphold me GOD’S wisdom to teach me GOD’S eye to watch over me GOD’S ear to hear me GOD’S word to give me speech GOD’S hand to guide me GOD’S way to lie before me GOD’S shield to shelter me GOD’S host to secure me”

This bracelet is made of the finest quality materials and workmanship.

Its measurements are an oval that is 2.75 inches long by 2.25 inches wide. The strip is 0.25 inch wide and about 0.06 inch thick.

Made in the USA in New York City.

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St. Patrick's Prayer Bangle Mobius Strip Bracelet

I purchased this as a birthday present for myself as my birthday is March 17. I absolutely adore it! To put the prayer on a Mobius strip is such a great idea because it has neither beginning nor ending and covers all sides. The quality is excellent. I highly recommend this as a gift for anyone including yourself!

By: Patricia Neve -

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