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Episcopal Church Service Cross

pewter-like metal


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The Episcopal Church Service Cross was the first cross to be approved by the military for our troops. Its circular shape prevents injuries from the ends of the arms of the cross during strenuous physical military activity. This lightweight cross is less than a quarter ounce.

Written on the bars of the cross: “Christ Died For You.”

This circular cross measures 1 inch in diameter and is made of pewter-like metal.

This cross is often paired with A Prayer Book for the Armed Services.

From the Archives of the Episcopal Church about this cross:

The Church War Cross was designed under the direction of Mrs. James De Wolf Perry (wife of the former Presiding Bishop and Bishop of Rhode Island) during World War I for the Army and Navy Commission of the Church. Each Episcopalian entering the Armed Forces was presented with one and the same cross was used during World War II.  The Episcopal Church Service Cross carries the design of the ancient Crusader's Cross, the five-fold cross symbolic of the five wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ at his crucifixion. The words embossed upon it are taken from the Service of Holy Communion: Take and eat this in remembrance that Christ died for thee and feed on him in thy heart by faith with thanksgiving. 


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Average Customer Review
 24 reviews

It is perfect, I wear it every day.

It is perfect, I wear it every day.

By: Robert - Dumfries Va

It is everything you said it was

I had received a service cross in the navy in 1963 in boot camp and lost it in the early 70s and searched for one for about 19 yrs and gave up. I also received a service bible with the picture of the medal on it, and treasured it as a keep sake of my military service. It is everything you said it was , thank you for a quality product at a good price. Joe

By: Joe - Pa.

Important for military personnel

The Army regulations governing military attire (AR 670-1) authorize a soldier to wear a religious emblem (usually on their identification tags). These Service Crosses are essential for Episcopal soldiers. I wore mine every day I was in the U.S. Army. It was on my identification tags when I was wounded. The inscription "Christ Died For You" was and is very important to me. Fellow soldiers who were Roman Catholics and from various Protestant churches all asked me for one of these service crosses. And they were intrigued by the symbolism of the service cross. Many other Christian Churches have no specific religious emblem for soldiers. This service cross is great for all Christians (not just Episcopalians).

By: Mark - Church Hill, Tennessee

The Wording on the front has changed with the current version

I received my first (and so far only) Episcopal Church Service Cross from my rector, the late William R. Delamain before I left for Naval Officer's Candidate School in April 1982. On the front of the medal it reads: "Christ Died For Thee" rather than the current version. I prefer the older, Elizabethan version to the current language. The medal means a great deal to me and I've worn it everywhere I've served. I wore it on my dogtags and it was a constant reminder, often in very tough situations of my faith as a Christian and the people back home who prayed for me and all members of the armed forces of the United States.

By: Paul C - Randolph, NJ

Review from a U.S. Army Veteran

According to U.S. Army Regulation 670-1, a soldier may wear "neat, conservative and discreet" religious jewelry. This means a religious medallion like the Episcopal Church Service Cross can be attached to the ID tags (informally known as "dog tags") and worn with any Army Uniform! I wore my Episcopal Service Cross while I was in the Army. Also, I heartily recommend the Episcopal-produced "Prayer Book for the Armed Forces." This Prayer Book will fit easily in the cargo pants pocket of any soldier's uniform. It is great for Episcopal soldiers and people of all other Christian and religious traditions.

By: Mark - Kingsport, TN

servicemens cross

This is an excellant item for the serviceman who is Eoiscopalian. I was issued one by the chaplian in July 1979 while I was in basic training and have been wearing it since. It has been with me across the four corners of the globe. The service cross that I recently bought was for my son-in-law who is in the Army. He didnot ever see one before, so I set out and got one for him and mailed it special delivery to him at his deployment address.

By: Richard - Fayetteville, NC

Great service

I ordered 20 service crosses for our church. They arrived very quickly and were just as pictured. I'm sure I'll be ordering more in the near future.

By: Carolyn - Southern Pines, NC 28387

Much valued way of saying, "Christ is with you" to deploying Soldiers and Marines

Many of the serving officers to whom I spoke regretted the fact that there are so few Episcopal Chaplains in the Military. I have given away our service crosses to two Colonels (USA), a Captain (USN), two Captains (USMC), one 1LT (USA) and a newly commissioned former student now a 2LT (USMC). Every single one of these officers was touched to receive this symbol of our continuing prayers for them as they deployed. My next project will be to think what we might give families of men and women serving in the military.

By: John - Williamsburg VA

Episcopal War Cross

I was fortunate to be given my first Episcopal Service Cross when the Bishop of the Armed Forces visited our base during the Vietnam War. I have worn one constantly since 1967 and am on my third. The one I am currently wearing is worn so thin that no writing is visible - it is perfectly smooth on both sides. I will soon retire it and buy a new one. I can't leave home without it.

By: Mike - Burgess, Virginia

Episcopal Service Cross

This medal is a great way to recognize veterans, however having a steel or other metal chain would be helpful. At present we have to make a separate additional purchase before our vets will wear it.

By: Rev Franklin Strling - Oakland, CA

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